who will dare to cut the wld

what is the wld

It is the abbreviated form of William-Lenny Diamond. William is the cutter who dared to cut my CKC cut specification with the totally new concept of sacrifice of diamond weight, and the Lenny is the designer who clothed William's diamonds.

The WLD diamond was born in the spring of 2006 after I survived back from my open heart surgery.

It was a special gift from heavenly Father who trusted me, by freely given to me and freely to give and share the beauty of the sacrificing diamond concept to my friends.

Like Jesus Christ himself, given His Love and His Life to us for our salvation, I found out to get the brightness and the beauty by sacrificing the precious diamond itself, by sacrificing the weight of rough diamonds when we cut and polish to get the maximum brightness and the beauty.

For gaining more brightness and the beauty, I found out that we must sacrifice to cut more to gain the brightest and the beauty.

More sacrifice, more brightness and more beauty!

If you are a diamond cutter, would you cut WLD by sacrificing the weight for getting more brightness and most beautiful reflection for your diamonds?

It is your choice to make one 1 carat diamond to save the maximum weight that may sell as $30,000 if DFL (D color Flawless), or one .85 ct WLD equal quality of DFL and equal size diameter-wise or even bigger diameter, and clearly and strongly reflecting light in the darkness, with the non-comparable selling price in current trade as $10,000, though.

Isn't it very difficult for you to cut with light weight of .85Ct WLD, if you were a diamond cutter, though it is brighter and more beautiful?

You must sacrifice the price for the maximum brightness and the maximum beauty, but extremely attractive to purchase from the side as consumers.

The value concept and the love to the art and the beauty of diamonds will determine the cutters to cut the final weight of the diamonds.

If one group of cutters is interested in the price as their main concern, they will cut diamonds as big as possible to maximize the sales prices.

It is the nature of business and it has been so. One regular cut diamond of 1 carat. DFL might be certified and valued by gemologists as about $30,000, and the .85 ct WLD about $10,000.

Who will dare cut .85 ct WLD if he can get 1 ct diamond out of the same rough, but dare to loose #20,000? We, William (Bill) -Lenny will do it, and already done it for art and the beauty!

As an art article, the artist diamond cutters should understand that the weight sacrifice based on CKC theory yields the truly beautiful piece that should be cut as the Slim Venus.

It has been the history of the diamond industry, to save the maximum weight for the maximum price, with the maximum beauty, equally important.

The majority of cutters, though, have been putting the weight value for the price as the 1st priority, and the beauty as the 2nd.

After I discovered CKC theory, I re-graded the beauty of the statue of Mire's Venus if it were a diamond, as I1 (愛一番). The reason for this grade is as follows:

1. Face as the Table: Clear and Beautiful
2. Arms as the Crown: Lost and Chipped
3. Back as the Pavilion: Big Feather/Scar between the shoulder blades

Still, she is radiating the splendid beauty though the body parts are missing! Why?

William-Lenny Diamonds (WLDs) would compare with the Milo's Venus where Milo is the place she was found, and the Niagara Falls/Buffalo is the place where the WLD was born. William, Lenny, and I have been working for new cutting methods at the Niagara Falls/Buffalo region in New York.

When Bill lost his only daughter Ana by brain cancer when she was 7 years old, she brought us a concept of love and sacrifice. We applied them to our new WLD diamonds.

We started cutting our WLD with her memory, and hoped for helping the children who need education in Tanzania to live and enjoy their lives Ana's portion as well that she left behind.

The beauty of scenery and the minus ion effect from the mist of the Niagara Falls are the result of God's creation, and the enormous amount of water falling from the Lake Erie to the Lake Ontario will create the beautiful rainbow bridges always when the sun is shining.

The rain, the rivers, and the falls are surely the grace of heavenly Father's for plants and us to live, and us to thank His Loving Kindness, Special Tender Care with the beautiful scenery as well.

Free falls of the water from sky and from rivers will give us such free beautiful art of the water and the light that always bridge the heavens and the earth as His promise after "Noah's Flood" to our father Noah and animals in double "Rain-bows. "

cut that is requested the humanity

We cannot create seeds, or trees. All we could do is only select a plant, cut, and dry it, and finally create a violin out of it if we want to make a violin.

In this case, the final look and the sound quality depend on the skill, mind and love of the violin master makers.

The same principle would be applied to the brightness and the beauty of the finished cut and polished diamonds that will shine on your fingers, ears, and/or necks.

Like da Vinch's Mona Lisa drawing, the products' beauty would be depending on who designed it, and devoted for, and loved, hard labored, and finished it. Da Vinch loved Mona Lisa so much!

We could not create the natural diamond, but only we could dig, cut, and polish as our best art product. A diamond is a diamond, but the final brightness and the beauty are totally different if a cutter cut it with his love to the diamonds during the process.

Although I decided to commemorate Ana, when Ana passed away at her age of 7, with her beautiful smile, kindness, and very tender heart with her sparkled life in Niagara Falls/Buffalo in New York, Ana gave her sacrificial love to us, instead.

William (Bill) lost his only daughter, Ana、but Ana returned to us with the new concept of sacrificial love and beauty of WLD diamond, instead.

The basic new concept of brighter and bigger diamonds came to me as the very simple theory of loosing, but no eyes can clearly see if the eyes are only seeking for gain.

I got the concept of loosing from not only Ana, but also from the Bible by His mercy, and loosing Ana gave me a hint of the brighter and more beautiful diamonds, and it encouraged me to try ridiculous cut no one dared to cut before, by sacrificing forgetting the weight retention that has been traditionally tabooed to attack as it was the thick brick walls that men with the common sense never think of nor tried to.

I had been ridiculed when I first found out the 8 arrow effect by improving Okuda loupe to Yoshi loupe more than 30 years ago, and requested to make perfect symmetrical diamonds that show 8 stars, many cutters in the world laughed at me, saying "you are crazy!" The heart and arrow is now the standard sign of the ideal cut diamond with VG/VG and better. When Mr. K in Japan first found out the possibility of WLD in Erie Lake meeting, he clearly decided to jump into it by his business or six senses, and we have been working together since.

My incessant search and attack to the beauty of diamonds are going further, for pursuing more brightness, and her beauty as the whole, by requesting her to reveal her true beauty again and again.

She is willing to take off her veils one by one and showing her closer and deep beauty of nakedness! This is just the beginning by realizing that her brightness and her beauty is fathomless, and she is smiling and inviting for more to whomever seeks her deep beauty with sacrificing hearts.